Devil May Cry 5 – How to Farm Red Orbs

Devil May Cry 5 – How to Farm Red Orbs

Devil May Cry 5 - How to Farm Red Orbs

Knowing how to farm Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5 is important as this crystallized demon blood is the main currency of the game. There are several ways in which you can farm Red Orbs, these are listed below.

Break Red Orb Chunks

Throughout the game if you venture off the beaten path. You will be able to find Red Orb chunks mostly on bushes which if you destroy will add to your haul of Red Orbs.

Red Orb Trees

Hidden throughout the game are trees which are similar to the Red Orb chunks but a lot larger. And they cannot be destroyed with one hit like the Red Orb chunks. Destroying these trees requires a series of the hit to drop Red Orbs. You need to remember you only have several seconds to deal the damage needed for the Red Orbs to drop before the tree becomes corrupt. And you will not be able to collect any of the remaining Red Orbs. The best strategy therefore when dealing with these trees is to use your most powerful abilities on them.

Defeat Enemies

Your main source for collecting Red Orbs is through combat and by performing combos to reach a higher rank. Basically the more techniques and moves you use to defeat an enemy. They will drop the more Red Orbs. Not using any continues will also multiply the number of Red Orbs you get at the end of the mission by 1.2x. The amount of Red Orbs you receive as your reward is determined at the end of a mission. Check out our Raising your Style Rank page to learn more about getting Style Points and getting a higher rank.

Red Glowing Enemies

You will notice during certain missions that some of the enemies you encounter have a distinct red glow. Focus on defeating these enemies as they drop a large amount of Red Orbs. They are also don’t have much HP making them easy to defeat.

Hidden Red Orbs

Hidden Red Orbs appear as a red cluster of blobs. And they will supply you with an abundance of Red Orbs when you collect them. Unlike normal Red Orbs, Hidden Red Orbs do not show when exploring the map. They will only appear once you are close enough to it.

Turn Off Auto-Assist

Devil May Cry 5 - Turn Off Auto-Assist

When the Auto-Assist option is enabled you will be able to execute combos more easily therefore upping your Style Ranking. However the downside is it will also reward you with less Red Orbs at the end of the mission. Turn this feature off if you want to get more Red Orbs.

Buy from the Shop

If you have cash to spare there is always the option to purchase Red Orbs from your platform’s shop. Prices and availability will change according to your currency and location.

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