One Piece World Seeker – How to Change Clothes

One Piece World Seeker – making clothes.

One Piece World Seeker - making clothes

In One Piece World Seeker, Luffy can change clothes. But before he can change the costumes he will have to craft them. To begin with you will need to find the silver treasure chests that are marked on the minimap with a golden chest icon. And open them by pressing and holding the Triangle or Y button for 10-15 seconds. Inside the silver treasure chests. You will find blueprints and it is these that enable you to craft more clothes. 

The next step once you have a blueprint is to take it back to Franky or Usopp at Luffy’s boat (the Thousand Sunny). Where you will be able to craft it once you have the required materials. You will discover that clothes tend to require a large amount of rare materials that can only be foud within the highest material tiers. These include Cocoons, Andromeda Moth, and Luxury Land Gator Hides. The highest tier materials will be indicated by a golden yellow colour in the ‘Materials’ menu. If you pre-ordered a copy of One Piece World Seeker. You will have recieved the Bathing Suit Outfit and Battle Outfit as bonus DLC. 

One Piece World Seeker – Change Clothes.

One Piece World Seeker - Change Clothes

You must purchase and craft at least one new outfit. To change clothes and outfits once you have crafted them. You need to interact with the door on the right side of the Thousand Sunny’s main deck.  Reminders changed clothes will appear.
Once Luffy has interacted with the door. You will enter a costume selection menu that will be an inventory that contains all of your currently crafted costumes which are available for Luffy to change into. You now just need to select the one you want and confirm your choice. Now you exit out of the menu and you will return to the game to continue your adventure in your new clothes.