Android: 5 biggest stories – Morrowind, Dawn of Isles, and more

Too busy to catch up on all of the latest Android games news this week? Well, fear not for we’re here to do that for you. We’ve rounded up all of the biggest news stories so you don’t have to.

OpenMicroWave isn’t what it sounds like. It’s the unofficial port of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on Google Play. You’ll need a fully licensed copy of the game on PC to get this running though.

Dawn of Isles is an upcoming mobile MMORPG by NetEase that doesn’t feature any autoplay or anything like that. You can pre-register for it right now.

Durango: Wild Lands continued its slow launch this week after rolling out in a few new territories, including the UK. It’s all set to launch globally next week.

Yggdra Union has leaped over from DS to Android in Japan and will hopefully launch across the globe soon.

SINoALICE is an upcoming gacha JRPG by the mind behind NieR: Automata. It lets you collect a bunch of anime versions of fairy tale characters and battle them. You can pre-register right now.

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