Arcane Quest Legends gets Act 4, 3 difficulty levels, and new weapons in big update

The Diablo-like action RPG Arcane Quest Legends has just received a massive new update that introduces Act 4, three difficulty levels, and a bunch of new weapons.

Act 4 continues the story and costs just shy of $2 as an IAP, just like the rest of the acts. You can, of course, grab the bundle for $4, which has become a bargain along with the latest inclusion.

Arcane Quest Legends now has a new act

You can now choose a difficulty level when you start a new game, with the higher difficulty level making the game behave more like a roguelike. Once you’re dead, it’s over.

We can’t go into more detail about the new weapons though, sadly, as no information has been released. Just be happy that there’s loads more loot.

You can grab this awesome Diablo-like RPG right now on Google Play. It’s a much better proposition following the latest update.

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