Doom & Destiny Advanced is Now on Sale

Doom & Destiny is an old-school styled RPG where nerds rule. The aim of the game is much like most RPGs out there, defeat evil, save the universe and become the heroes you were always meant to be.

Doom & Destiny – A lot of Doom and Some Destiny

& Destiny tells the tale of four nerds who happen to walk into a dungeon. From
here, these nerds must level up, defeat evil and save the universe. Combat is
turn-based and there are over 300 enemies to defeat along with a 30-hour

open-world adventure has over 1000 locations to explore and over 100 secrets to
discover along the way. After you have leveled up, you can take on other
players in the arena to prove your characters are the nerdiest.

If you
would like to try Doom & Destiny, then you can play the free version here. If you want to avoid adverts and unlock a
new class plus a heap of other content, then you can grab the premium version here.

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