Dragalia Lost Update Version 1.9.0 Will Go Live June 28th

One of
Nintendo’s best mobile game is getting an update on June 28th. Updates to
Dragalia Lost aren’t as common as we would like them to be, but often when they
drop, they can add a lot.

What is
New or Changed in Update 1.9.0?

You will
be able to increase the HP and strength of adventurers, weapons, dragons,
and wyrmprints by another 50 points. This is unlocked after you complete
chapter nine of the campaign which is coming July 15th.

player level has now been raised to 200 and facility level increased to 35.

It’s now
easier to see what quests have daily bonuses available, whether Expert
difficulty is available and what conditions we need to unlock a level.

There is
a boatload of other changes and tweaks, which you can read more about here.
If you want to download Dragalia Lost, then follow this link to the Google Play Store.

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