Evolution Board Game is 40% off

Fans of
digital board games will be pleased to hear that the full version of Evolution
is now 40% off. North Star Games are having a sale because Evolution is making
its way over to the Nintendo Switch.

Evolution Board Game – Can you Evolve to Survive?

is a board game not just about survival but also duelling up to three other
players in one game. Evolution is a game where your environment is constantly
changing, so you will need to adapt your species to survive. If carnivores are
around you, then develop a hard shell to fend off predators. If watering holes
and lakes drying out, then you should evolve a longer neck to reach tall

There is
a single-player campaign where players can practice their skills against the
AI. Multiplayer games are where you can test your skills against real players
across the world. Let your inner geek go wild as you create your own dinosaurs
and evolve them into being the most successful Apex Predator of all time.

Board Game is a free-to-play game with a onetime IAP of $5.99. If you are
interested in Evolution Board Game, then grab a copy from the Play Store.

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