Golf Peaks is on Sale Now

Peaks is an isometric mini-golf game where you pass levels by sinking puts.
It’s not as straightforward as other golf games, There is a variety of terrain
and various hazards along the way.

Golf Peaks – Minimalistic mini-golf with a twist

Peaks is best described as a puzzle game that is solved by playing mini-golf.
They give you a selection of cards, each of these cards corresponds to a
different type of shot. Whether this shot is a put or chip is up to the
card you select.

There are
over 120 different levels to solve, each with their own hazards and complexity.
I can think of several isometric golf games, but none of them includes a
card-based movement system just to make your life more difficult.

If Golf
Peaks sounds like a puzzle game you can’t miss out on, grab a copy from the Google Play store.

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