Omega Wars is Clash Royale on steroids, out right now on Android

Omega Wars is so much more than the latest Clash Royale clone. It takes the basic formula from Supercell’s hit title but makes so many changes and additions that the result is something completely new.

So what’s familiar? Well, you’ll still create a deck out of a variety of different card types. You’ve got units, spells, and abilities.

Then, you’ll battle it out in real time against an opponent – dropping units and spells onto the arena to decimate them.

Omega Wars lets you merge cards directly on the battlefield

That’s where the similarities end. There are three different races to play from, each of which has its own exclusive cards. You can then create your own strategy and play style within your race.

The biggest new feature though has to be the ability to merge cards together during battle. This lets you pop weak units inside a defensive unit, or fire units at your opponent from a cannon. It’s madness.

Levelling up cards isn’t quite as simple here either. Rather than just provide a simple stat boost, you can unlock new active and passive abilities for your cards.

You can also swap between different card forms during battle, which is an awesome touch.

With 1v1 and 2v2 arena battles, a variety of leaderboards to top, an AR mode, and a live spectator option, this is an arena battler well worth checking out.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab it. Clash Royale be damned.