PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta out Now

Mobile has recently released a download link for the 0.13.5 beta. If you want
to take part in the beta, then click here and download the relevant files.

What’s new in 0.13.5?

Keep pushing for rank in Royale Pass Season 7, Royale Pass Season 8 will be dropping in before you know it! What were your favorite items in RP 7, and what are you looking to get in RP 8?


There is
a brand new submachine gun which fires 9mm ammunition. The PP-19 is only
available in Erangel and Vikendi, but it boasts a 53 round magazine size.

They will
also make changes to the season rewards and tier system. The season 8
outfit is available at the Gold tier, reaching the Diamond tier will unlock
weapon finishes.

ranking system has been tweaked to increase the weight of kill points. This
means that kills now have a bigger impact on your tier.

There are
several other changes which you can read about here. Otherwise, download a copy of the beta and
find out for yourself!

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