Street Racing HD is Available to Pre-Register Now

Racing HD looks like a Burnout inspired mobile racing game with a ton of
customizability. Side note, when I say Burnout, I mean the old PS2 and DS games
where you smash your competitors off the road.

Street Racing HD – Smash your competition off the

Racing HD is similar to most mobile racing games. There is a career mode and
PvP, where up to six players can take to the track in one race. Also, there is
detailed customisation where you can personalise each vehicle just the way you
want to.

As with
most racing games, we won’t know if we are onto a winner until they sit us in
the driver’s seat. But as far as first impressions go, it looks like a racing
game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This in today’s market could well
be a breath of fresh air.

If you
want to pre-register for Street Racing HD, then do so from the Google Play store.

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