Tetris Royale is Coming to Android

Tetris is
a video game icon, not just because there has been a version of Tetris on every
device I have owned. But because it captures the essence of what video games
are about, how good are you?

Tetris Royale is 100 Player Tetris on Mobile

I am sure
I don’t need to explain Tetris to you guys, especially if you played Tetris 99
on Switch. But if you are getting your vintage games confused, Tetris is the
one where you stack awkwardly shaped blocks that fall at speed.

I don’t
have a release date or much more information to give you guys. I am sure the
game won’t be only a Battle Royale, there should also be a single player
survival mode.

If you
want to know more about Tetris Royale, then click this link for the Google Play Store.

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