Why Does Nick Fury Have An Eyepatch? Captain Marvel Reveals What Occurred

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with mysteries, from the origins of every Infinity Stone to only what the hell the purpose of that Adam Warlock reveal on the finish of Guardians 2 was. With the discharge of Captain Marvel as we speak, we have lastly gotten a solution to one of many MCU’s longest operating and most mysterious of enigmas: the supply of Nick Fury’s eyepatch.

Set within the 1990s, Captain Marvel truly reveals loads about Nick Fury’s origins and the beginning of his Avengers initiative. The film incorporates a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson co-starring alongside Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel–not to say a de-aged Clark Gregg because the beloved Agent Coulson–during Fury and Coulson’s early days in SHIELD. Apart from the uncanny digital results on these actors’ faces, probably the most notable factor about Fury’s look in Captain Marvel is that he is missing that signature, badass, half-pirate-half-super-spy eyepatch. And there is a good cause for that, as Captain Marvel lastly reveals the origin of his mysterious eye damage.

To know what occurred to Nick Fury’s eye, you first have to know why everybody’s speaking about Goose the cat. You see, the lovable orange tabby is not actually a cat at all–it’s a Flerken, a harmful alien creature that carefully resembles a cat, however is much extra highly effective. Flerkens possess pocket dimensions of their stomachs, which has the unimaginable impact of permitting them to swallow nearly anything–including, say, Infinity Stones. It additionally has a mouth stuffed with large, Lovecraftian horror impressed tentacles that erupt from its eldritch maw and swallow Kree entire, which is useful throughout the movie.

Most significantly, the Flerken is a mysterious creature that possesses powers unknown. That turns into essential late within the film when Goose scratches Nick Fury within the eye. Sadly for him, it seems to be no regular cat scratch, finally ensuing within the eye turning into ineffective. Guess he ought to have listened to the quite a few different characters who informed him to not get so near the factor.

Anyway, that is it! Nick Fury’s well-known eye damage did not come from some epic showdown with murderous aliens or a combat in opposition to supervillains from throughout the extensive spectrum of MCU characters. It did not even come from the automobile crash early on in Captain Marvel–the bandage Fury sports activities above his left eye for the remainder of the film turned out to be a pink herring. As an alternative, Fury wears that signature eyepatch due to the character’s love of cats and a deceptively lovable Flerken named Goose. Who would have guessed?

After all, Captain Marvel reveals way more in regards to the MCU’s previous and future than merely what occurred to Nick Fury’s eye. Go take a look at what the film’s main Skrull modifications may imply, the total breakdown on Fury’s origin story, and what truly occurred within the post-credits scenes. Then, as soon as you’ve got brushed up on all of your information and figures, begin engaged on sprucing up your Endgame theories.