Amiga 500 Running Doom Like Game

I was not one of those fortunate enough to own a Commodore Amiga back in the day. The closest I got was my brothers Commodore 64. So, for me the Commodore Amiga is almost a new platform full of some interesting games. Some of those games I recognize from console ports. In this case though, I am well acquainted with the First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre. Doom being the peak of the genre for me. Seems the Commodore Amiga was not all that well suited for FPS games. That is why this news is so interesting.

Why First-Person Shooters are unique

For the most part, this genre is the closest we have come to “you are the character”. Most games have a disconnect with the gamer that must be overcome. Could be viewing angle, could be overall art style, etc.

First-Person Shooters often only have a gun graphic at the bottom with the game world in front of you. This allows you to more easily feel like you are in the game itself. This helped push the genre into the mainstream during a period that computer gaming was on the decline.

Ok so demoscener KK/Altair @KK_DMA just shown that he has made his own #Doom like game running on Amiga 500 in his spare (precious) time. How cool is that!😍@ID_AA_Carmack @idSoftwareTiago @idSoftware @DOOM

— Michal Staniszewski (@bonzajplc) August 31, 2019

Why this Doom like is exciting

Apparently, the Commodore Amiga was not really suited for these types of games. That amazes me considering what has been done on the Amiga over the years, both commercially and within the independent homebrew community.

While graphically I am at a loss to discuss much considering the source material. What few points I can see show the game is close to what Doom was when first released.

That is right, you are not getting ZDoom or something with high resolution textures here.

The frame rate is a little rough as well from time to time – mostly in turning. That could easily be attributed to this being a work in progress of sorts. I am not sure if this will be completed or not, could be this is all we get.

It shows the Commodore Amiga could do it if programmers were to get down to the silicon. Check out the Twitter thread for it.

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