Atari 2600 Receiving New Action Adventure Game Robot Zed

Atari 2600 Receiving New Action Adventure Game Robot Zed

June 9th, 2019 Carl Williams

If you are familiar with the Atari 2600 independent homebrew scene then you probably know Princess Rescue and Zippy the Porcupine. The developer behind those two titles is currently working on a new action adventure game called Robot Zed. That alone should have you jumping to the end of this article for the download link.

The details that matter

One reason Robot Zed has my attention is because it is a Rogue-like game. If you are not familiar with that term, Rogue is an early computer game that was known for randomly generating dungeons for you to run around and slaughter everything inside. The goal was simply to accumulate as much loot as possible before death.
This is a beautifully simple method of giving fans an endless supply of levels to play through. Robot Zed offers that but in a 2D side scrolling action adventure where levels are randomly generated each time you play. One detail that Robot Zed is adjusting in the Rogue-like formula is dedicated boss rooms that give a definitive end.

This is an Atari 2600 game?

Yes. Currently there is not a lot going on that is going to rock your boat as the game is still in development. What is here is still interesting and with a little imagination you can easily see where the developer is headed with this. Afterall, this is the same developer that created Princess Rescue and Zippy the Porcupine for the Atari 2600.

There are limitations of the hardware that will rear their heads in these things, but I am confident Sprybug, on AtariAge forums, is going to be able to conquer them in time.

That download link

The demo for Robot Zed is currently available over on the AtariAge forums. Before you go, check out the video above so you have an idea what you are getting into. Oh, forget it, you have already left, and no one is reading this, so who is left? Tell me in the comments if you are still around or am I talking to myself?


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