Blood Fresh Supply Brings Build Engine Classic to Modern Platforms

Blood Fresh Supply Brings Build Engine Classic to Modern Platforms

May 12th, 2019 Carl Williams

If you remember the 90’s and were a computer gamer then you probably know about Blood already. It was a First-Person Shooter (FPS) by Monolith that used the Build Engine (early competitor to id Software’s Quake engine). It was super violent and it was unique for the time so to speak – there wasn’t much else like it that took blood and gore this far. The Mortal Kombat franchise was tame in comparison to the carnage gamers could rain down on the enemy in Blood. Well, that fun is back with Blood Fresh Supply, now running on more modern software and compatible with modern hardware. Get ready to blow stuff up.

What is new here

New graphics engine (KEX engine), better support for modern hardware (DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.2, 4K graphics support, etc), and unlocked frame rates if your gaming rig can handle more than the standard.

So just graphical upgrades then

No. Well, not just those even though those are quite cool. While this is not a straight rerelease of the original Blood game, it is still the game we know and enjoyed so many years ago. Fans will not only be able to easily enjoy this version on modern hardware but also coming along on the triage cart are the two expansion packs – Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage.

Also just for fun, you can now easily enjoy a multiplayer game with up to eight players total. Game modes include the usual co-op to capture the flag and more. Odds are, you will find something here that warrants the $10 price tag they are asking for here.

Don’t wait, fans grab this now

Anyone that has read my content for very long knows I am fond of saying, if you like something then support it with your money, social media shares, etc. Same rings true here – if you like this type of remake and not just as close to the original rerelease as possible then support them. There is a lot of work on display here.

Pick your poison – or Steam, both are $10 and worth every penny.

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