Brutal Doom V21 Gold Trailer Released

Brutal Doom V21 Gold Trailer Released

June 12th, 2019 Carl Williams

Doom. Anyone reading this that has never heard of this iconic game is probably on the wrong site right now. Seriously though, this is an iconic first-person shooter (FPS) that helped push gaming on PC’s forward quite a bit. Doom could not have been released at a better time as at that time, console gaming was eating PC’s lunch. Id Software had a hit on their hands and they knew it. They made sure to allow fans to make levels and modifications to the game, something that has extended the 1993 FPS’s life well into the future. One such mod is Brutal Doom, which is up to version 21 now.

So, it is a mod that changes the original.

When released back in the early 1990’s Doom was almost immediately not allowed on school computers due to the violence depicted. Man, if those teachers could see Brutal Doom, a mod that started life in 2010. Brutal Doom fixes one problem I had with the original Doom – lack of realism. Namely the lack of blood splatter on the walls when you destroy an enemy. Also, when you kill an enemy, their body just disappears – where is the satisfaction of looking back on a tough room of enemies and looking over their bodies all sprawled out?

Brutal Doom gives you that level of satisfaction.

Yep, here when you shoot an enemy with a high-powered weapon they explode into chunks. Aim just right and you can take out their head or another body part. That is cool and helps put Brutal Doom into a whole new category. Sure, it is all about gore but there are some great improvements to the overall map and levels too.

The gore and blood splatter reminds me of a game from 1995 on the 3DO (later the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation). Space Hulk by EA. In Space Hulk you could blow enemies up and walk around after a tough battle and survey the damage, the blood soaked walls, and the pieces of enemies on the floor. Had EA been able to do that with an FPS that was faster paced it might have had an even more awesome game on their hands.

Brutal Doom takes that gore and mixes it with the trademark speed that id Software were known for in their FPS games. Brutal Doom also gives you the power to control how much blood you see which is great for fans that may just want the other improvements but not the blood.

If you are a fan of Doom, FPS games in general, or want to see some gore on your screen then grab the Brutal Doom files from ModDB and get to kicking in heads ASAP.

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