Commodore 64 Running Another World Intro

Out of this World is the other name of this game. What we have here is a unique feat. This is the intro video for the game but using a Commodore 64 to recreate it. There is a download available for those that wish to try this on a stock C64. Be warned though, there are a few steps you will have to take to make that happen.

A little history

For me, the first time I experienced Out of this World was on the Super Nintendo, late I got it on 3DO. I later learned via gaming publications that there was a Sega CD release as well. That version featured the sequel as well as the original game.

For others, their first experience with this game may have been on the Commodore Amiga or Atari ST. Considering the time of release, 1991, these versions had anti-piracy steps. As usual, those steps only hurt the people legitimately buying the game.

Since then we have seen releases on platforms such as mobile phones and even the Sega Dreamcast and Atari Jaguar.

What the fuss is about

This game features some great use of polygons, to this point not seen before. While the game could be slow it was still awesome and unique.

The Commodore 64 running the intro shows that it is possible. This is something that I am sure the devs back then thought impossible. I am sure, without the use of a flash cart – easy flash for instance, there would be a lot of floppies getting swapped. That would also greatly diminish this interesting feat.

Simply put, on its own, the C64 wouldn’t have enough memory to load all the intro at once.

Head over to YouTube to check out the comments on this one. The video is embedded above for your convenience.

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