Destroy Everything Valfaris Hitting PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC Platforms

If you have already heard about Valfaris then cool. I am writing this for the gamers that missed this one, like me. I am a huge fan of games like Contra and Midnight Resistance. I am also a big fan of classic cartoons like GI Joe and Transformers – shows that were heavy on action and shooting. You will see the connection after the jump.

Just what is Valfaris about

A citadel. That is what Valfaris is. For some reason the citadel has reappeared in orbit of a dying sun. Valfaris, at one time, was a paradise full of fun and wonder. Now it is a husk of its former self, taken over by an ever-growing evil. You take control of Therion, a fearless son of Valfaris, who is now attempting to bring his former home back to prominence, or destruction at his hand. Either one works.

Why Valfaris should be on your wishlist

Coming to the Nintendo Switch, Steam for computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms, Valfaris is certainly covering as many bases as possible here. This is great news as no matter what platform you game on, you can enjoy the over the top action of Valfaris.

Check out the gameplay video. Am I the only one that gets a Cobra-La vibe from the enemies in Valfaris? Think about it, had we gotten a game based on the infiltration of Cobra-La, or the defense of the world from them, it may have been quite a bit like Valfaris. There is a similar organic to mechanical look to the enemies here.

You won’t see Cobra Commander crawling around in the background slowly turning into a giant snake though. Valfaris, while graphically cool as can be, is not a GI Joe vs Cobra-La game. No matter how much I wish it was.

The thing is, we don’t get many games like this anymore. I see people regularly complain that they miss the good old days but then those same people virtually ignore titles in that style in favor of yet more “modern” games. If we want more run and gun games, we must support the ones we get.

This is one that is on my watch list, that is for sure. It should be on yours too.

For more information, check out the Merge Games website. Want to relive some classic Contra action or catch up on GI Joe then hit eBay or Amazon while you wait.

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