Emerald Dragon English Fan Translation Progress Video Released

If you missed Emerald Dragon upon original release you would not be alone. Unless you were heavy into imports or a player that lived in Japan then you are likely to have missed this one. Originally released in 1989 for the NEC PC-8801 and PC-9801 home computers, Emerald Dragon would go on to populate the Super Famicom, FM Towns Marty, and the PC Engine Super CD-ROM 2 platform. The PC Engine version is the subject of this discussion today. Progress has been made on an English patch by fans and we have the video after the jump.

Emerald Dragon a role-playing game most missed

Emerald Dragon makes use of the Zoroastrianism, aka Mazdayasna, religion. This is one of the oldest, longest practicing, religions in the world. To go more in depth on the nuances would be beyond this article so check the Wikipedia page. Just know, this is not a bit of backstory created for the game almost as an afterthought.

The story of Emerald Dragon is one of a once great world that saw humans and dragons living together. The land of Ishbahn was prosperous regardless of what Lord Tiridates thought of the relationship. Tiridates places a curse on the dragons in the area, a curse that kills most of the fantasy creatures. Some of the dragons were able to escape the curse and take refuge in Draguria. Here the dragons were protected by a dimensional rift that humans could not cross.

Somehow a human has crossed the rift and crashed their boat on the coast of Draguria. She is brought to the White Dragon, the leader of the fantastic beasts, who allows her to be nurtured back to good health. She lives with the dragons for 12 years before wishing to return to the land of humans. Atorushan, who developed a friendship with the human, gives her his left horn to use if she ever needs help.

Three years after leaving the dragon refuge, the horn is blown, and the White Dragon gives Atorushan protection to seek out the troubling situation.

What the localization means

This is simply news that another interesting, formerly import only, game is making its way to English speaking/reading gamers. This is not an official release by any means, it would be awesome if it was. Currently the translation is incomplete but the video above shows work is continuing.

There is no word on if the voices will be re-recorded with English speakers or if they will be left unchanged. Personally, I am cool with subtitles or the text being spoken being in English and call it a day. Maybe offer a secondary patch that fixes the voices later or something if there is enough demand for it.

Fans of the classic console style role-playing game will want to check out Emerald Dragon. At this point, emulation of the PC Engine CD-ROM 2 hardware is pretty much perfect for many platforms. Whenever possible though, please support the official publishers of these titles. Considering Emerald Dragon is an import only and one from 1994, it is pretty much a moot point for this release.

If you are wanting to grab a copy of Emerald Dragon to apply this patch to, when it releases, then please use the following links (it helps us here). Emerald Dragon on eBay or Emerald Dragon on Amazon.

Source: Twitter via the Turbo Views Facebook Group

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