Metallic Slug

Launched: 1996

Style: Platformer

Format reviewed: Neo Geo CD

Writer: SNK

Developer: Nazca Company

This assessment was initially printed in Edge challenge 38, November 1996

Inexperienced Beret was nice enjoyable ten years in the past, however absolutely the same recreation couldn’t impress right now’s 3D-obsessed gamer? Becoming a member of the old fashioned of sprite-heavy Neo-Geo video games comes Metallic Slug, a house model of the SNK coin-op shoot ’em up

The Eighties: a time when true 3D graphics had been the stuff of desires, when polygons had been simply issues your maths trainer talked about, and when the 2D horizontal shoot ’em up was firmly in its heyday. Now, due to SNK’s trusty six-year-old trusty sprite-shunting expertise and third-party developer Nazca, Metallic Slug is right here, boasting six levels of retro shoot ’em up chaos and a number of amusing touches.

In truth, Metallic Slug is an addictive and completely hectic recreation which, with each scroll of the display screen, brings in some new enemy or graphical set-piece to maintain the participant plugging away. By way of staple shoot ’em up options, Slug has the inevitable record of weapon power-ups, together with a heavy machine gun, a rocket launcher and an important flamethrower. There’s additionally a wholesome arsenal of various enemies: troopers, tanks, motorcyclists, helicopters, and even biplanes and frogmen.

A couple of good touches have been rigorously nicked from different video games after which expanded on. The participant has to free hostages as in Commando, the distinction being that right here they offer you weapons. You may as well get in a tank, à la Ikari Warriors, however this one can leap and has power-ups ( by the way, the twoplayer choice in Metallic Slug can be an incredible snigger – because it was in IW). Lastly, and most importantly, Metallic Slug has a lot in the way in which of humour. For instance, enemy troopers typically sit round speaking or cooking, however after they spot the participant, they leap up, scream, and run away. It’s an important contact which ensures that you simply’re all the time checking new scenes for comedian moments.

As is commonly the case with Neo-Geo video games, although, Metallic Slug finally suffers from its coin-op origins in that it solely takes just a few hours to finish. This can be a disgrace, as there are many nice concepts and a few lovely surroundings within the recreation. In the end, although, Metallic Slug is an imaginative, humorous and fulfilling step again into the previous – a short glimpse on the approach issues was. Temporary, sadly, being the operative phrase.

Edge score
Six out of ten