Piko Interactive Secure Shadow Madness and Milos Astro Lanes Rights

Rescueware is alive and well at the Texas based headquarters of Piko Interactive who have recently announced three new retro titles have been rescued from history. Piko, for those that do not know already, purchases the rights to classic games and works to re-release, port, improve, finish them for fans. Their latest acquisitions are nothing alike.

Quirky fun on Nintendo 64

First up, the quirky title, Milo’s Astro Lanes. Before seeing the post on Facebook I had not heard of this title. This is probably because I never was a huge fan of the Nintendo 64 and didn’t pay attention to releases on that console outside of Nintendo’s own works. Anyhow, we are talking about a bowling game set in, well, space. This brings with it all kinds of interesting gaming physics and characters to play with – not your everyday bowling game.

Personally, I like alternative takes on sports titles – NBA Jam, Mario Tennis, etc – so the uniqueness of Milo’s Astro Lanes is certainly interesting to me.

Tactics matter

The other game that Piko recently announced is Shadow Madness for the original Sony PlayStation. This was one of those 3D tactical based role-playing games that sort of flew under the radar back in the day. You have three characters, each with their own pros and cons, a 3D battle environment, 3D characters on 2D backgrounds levels, and an interesting way of avoiding enemies. All in all, this was an interesting challenge to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII game.

As I have aged I have learned to love the intricacies of the stories that some of these role-playing games feature. Back when I was younger it was a race to the next fight instead of enjoying the storyline that was being laid out for me.

It is great to see Piko continuing their work to preserve titles from the past and bring them to new gamers, and those of us that missed them the first time. The third title that Piko picked up recently is another quirky title that I will cover soon (there is still a bit of mystery to it and I don’t want to spoil the fun).

For more rescueware and original titles check out the Piko Interactive store.

Source: Facebook

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