Unreal Engine Star Wars Fan Games, Hurry Before LucasArts or Disney Shut them Down

Star Wars fans are a dedicated lot. Just look at any comic-con for proof of this. On the gaming side of things, they are constantly making fan games and remakes. Most are shut down due to copyright or trademark infringement. That doesn’t mean they are not fun to check out while we can. That is why I put together this list of Star Wars game remakes using Unreal Engine 4.

Why shut them down versus work with these fans?

Well, that is a good question, but it is a sticky one as well. Companies face this problem regularly, if their property has that level of dedicated fans anyhow. Some companies do extend a hand of support to fans – Sega did this over a fan made Sonic game. Back in the day though it was more commonplace. Companies like id Software or those licensing the Quake engine would call up fans that showed prowess with the software. Unfortunately, that seems to have died with the 90’s. Today it is far more commonplace to see companies hand out cease and desist letters than it is to reach out and work with fans.

Anyhow, here are some Star Wars game remakes that you can check out that use Unreal Engine 4. Obviously, these are going to be graphically impressive compared to their original releases which used much older technology. Most of these are just a level or a part of a level and will never be more. Just a showcase of sorts by a fan.

Knights of the Old Republic, Shut Down October 2018

Yeah, I know, you are crying foul as this one is already shut down, but I am including it. The reason being, I have a soft spot for the KOTOR games. I am not a Star Wars fan any where near most people reading this, but KOTOR got me interested on the Microsoft Xbox.

Rock Paper Shotgun covered the shut down notice on this one and it is quite painful to read up on. I mean, sure LucasArts are well within their right to shut these things down but man, three years of work destroyed. That must hurt as a developer because I almost hurt knowing that much dedication is just gone.

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

This is one I covered earlier this year in more detail here if you are interested. What we get here is a good look at some of the more graphically impressive sections. For the most part it is still desert backgrounds, but they have never looked better.

The remake is graphically awesome, and it is unfortunate it cannot be fully enjoyed by fans due to legal reasons. Fans of futuristic racing should check this one out. Comicbook.com called this remake “breathtaking” and in some parts, it is.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

This is another title in the tale in a galaxy far, far, away that got me interested. I played it a bit on a friends Nintendo 64 then on PC at home. It was one of those titles that didn’t beat you over the head with Star Wars mythos and such. You were just free to blast things and enjoy your time in this futuristic ship.

While not a perfect game it was a fun game. Rogue Squadron was interesting for what it gave hardcore fans and people like me. I was familiar with the Star Wars world but not to the point that I could detail why who did what.

Star Wars Dark Forces

This one is one of the few remakes by someone currently in the video game business. According to Dark Side of Gaming, Jason Lewis of Obsidian Entertainment is behind this remake. Lewis holds the position of senior environment artist there and, well, it certainly shows in his take on the 1995 game.

Star Wars Dark Forces is recognized by fans for many reasons. One is being a good first-person shooter that didn’t use the Quake or original Unreal engine. Second, it is a good licensed game and Star Wars one at that. Fans may remember the hit or miss sections of the 16-bit Star Wars games on Nintendo platforms.

Star Wars Dark Forces 2

Finally, we have Star Wars Dark Forces 2. This one really gets nitty and gritty with the game world detail. Things are not going great and it shows in the grungy levels you traverse.

Check out the gameplay video and see some familiar tidbits. Quite an interesting take on the game world. Too bad it may never be finished and nothing official will probably go near this level of interesting.

Know of an Unreal Engine 4 remake I need to cover in the future? Let me know in the comments below. Can’t get enough Star Wars? Check eBay and Amazon for some deals and geek out like a true fan.

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